Services Locator

At Drainspy our locating underground utility services it is important to avoid damage from excavation or accidental line strike from digging blind. Drainspy can assure that underground services are located accurately and safely.

Whether you have a major underground utility locating project in Brisbane or are in need of locating hidden services at your home, Drainspy has the equipment and expert team to tackle any project, no matter the size. Drainspy underground services locating team can help you uncover; core infrastructure including water, gas, telecommunications, sewer or underground power as well as assist in the safe excavation of these utilities.

Drainspy has created a reputation in the industry for repeated success in cable, service and pipe location, working with many Brisbane plumbers over the years.
If a pipe made from PVC or concrete is difficult to locate, we can trace the pipe using Sonde to carry our locating signal, to confirm the service location, depth and alignment meets all requirements, including appropriate insurances for all plants, equipment and services to ensure your peace of mind. so you can be confident you’re getting it done right.